Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Last Week's Lexicon Project :: Fresh

In a perfect world, this photo would be of the cute little old man who, when leaving the pool the other day, reached out and grabbed his wife's least I'm assuming it was his wife. Full hand on full cheek. Super cute. Him with his saggy old man pants and her with her walker. She couldn't swat him away if she'd wanted to. But alas, I didn't have my camera with me at work and, if I had, it probably would have, at best, been considered a little creepy and, at worst, been breaking some sort of privacy law.

Then, after several hours over several days worth of creative shooting (at least I think so!), I'm stuck with a "card error" message. I'm not sure what I've done or how to get them back but I've decided I'm going to win this one. I'm not done yet.

So this is what you get. Bright, yellow, fresh daffodils brightening up our living room. A bit of a foreshadowing of the spring we can only hope is on it's way.

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house full of jays said...

Hmm...I think my comment disappeared...
I want to see that sweet old man! Hahaha. But those daffodils are perfect during these cold spring days we're having this week!