Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Life Aquatic :: Gagnam Style

Every once in a while, we see things in the pool that, frankly, just wouldn't happen anywhere else. Like the aquacize class the other night. The instructor used some top-40 hit fitness disc to "set the mood" and then, just for fun, I suppose, decided to use the music to inspire the fitness moves in each set. Now picture it for a minute. 30 mostly 60+ individuals in swim suits attempting Gangnam style.

You can't pay money for some of this stuff.

Of course, in the next hour I got to clean up poop off the floor. I'm not convinced it balances out.

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WendyJJK said...

Too funny! Love it! I'm all about finding amusement in the everyday! When I taught aquasize years ago, I had a song by The Monks titled, "Nice Legs, Shame About Your Face" in my set. I don't think the older ladies knew the words- but it always made me giggle!