Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Life Aquatic :: Donkey's Day at the Pool

It's recreation. You'd think it would be fun, and some days it is, but usually it's 29.9 degrees, 79 percent humidity, grumpy people and, well, work.

So we make our own fun.

Donkey came to the pool. The girls took one look at him and were convinced that I have a fabulous ass. We spent all day chasing that ass around the pool, making bad jokes.

Look at that ass in the pool. There's always one, isn't there?
Lazy ass hitched a ride with Gertrude.

How on earth did you fit that ass into there!?

The diving board is broken! Get that ass off of there.

Sit that ass down on the slide. No standing.

Check out that hot ass in the hot tub!

You don't like our rules?  Think that lifeguard is a real ass?
A real ass? You might be right.
Then that ass decided he wasn't getting out of the pool.
Then that ass decided he wasn't going to get out of the pool when we closed.
Who can argue with an ass? This is how the morning staff found him.
He came back the next night. Silly ass.

And the next. That ass thinks he's really funny.