Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rays of Sunshine

Did you know that pretty pink toes, done by someone else, can change your day? I didn't. But now I do.

I wrote a while back about how saying thank you saves my life, saves my soul. Some days need more saving then others. Here's what I'm learning. There's always something to complain about, to grumble about or to worry about. If you're looking, though, there's also something to be thankful for. Perspective changes things.

Today, I choose to focus my perspective on the things that I'm thankful for. Not always easy but it's easier than the angry girl. No one likes the angry girl. So yes, I choose to be thankful. And there are things for which gratitude can abound.

Like early morning texts with a good friend.

Affirmation over decisions made. Maybe I'm not a big, fat jerk.

Actually getting to see my wonderful husband before he left for work. That's a good way to start the day.

Trading syrup for salmon and a quick visit.

Mocha in the sunshine and beer with lunch. 

A day to get a few things crossed off the list. Oh, the list feels long but one thing at a time, they're going, going, gone.

Produce put up in creative ways (more on how this was good for my soul another time, I'm sure!). 

Sunshine. Summer is NOT over, folks.

And pretty pink (or maybe they're purple, it's hard to tell) toes and, more importantly, a friend to share the morning with, one who understood that today was a day that needed company. Thank you!

There are rays of sunshine in even the most cloudy of days.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Current Read

 A Wind in the Door, Madeleine L'Engle

This is the follow up to A Wrinkle in Time and is filling in the gap in my "I don't know what the heck to read right now" stage of life. I still just want to get into the Robin Hobb books that are somewhere hidden in the boxes in my garage but, since I don't know where they are, this one will have to do. A Wrinkle in Time was a smart, thought provoking yet quick read so I'm looking forward to this one too.
 Divergent, Veronica Roth

Okay, this was another one of those post apocalyptic young adult fiction that seem to be catching everyone's attention right now and, I must confess, I loved it. If you liked The Hunger Games, you'll enjoy this one, even though they're truly entirely different (outside of the whole post apocalyptic world thing). It was fun, interesting and a nice escape from the day to day stuff.
Paris Vendetta, Steve Berry

This was one of the last one of the Cotton Malone series that I needed to read to close the gap between where I started and the beginning. Only one more to go! It filled in a bunch of the details to happenings alluded to in the latter books and took a bit of a shot at the few truly monetarily rich of the world and what they could do if they truly put their evil minds and their money together.

Three Wishes

On my way to work the other day, my favorite morning show crew was discussing Aladdin's lamp (I'm still not sure how they got there) and what they would ask for if they had the opportunity to ask a genie for three wishes. They posed the question to their listeners: what would you ask for?

It got me thinking and, at first, I didn't know what I would ask for. I have a wonderful husband, my family is healthy, I wouldn't want a bigger house (it would only be more to clean!) but do confess that I would love to have my basement finished and the library in Beauty in the Beast is my dream house. Have I mentioned I love my yard? Biking and hot yoga are satisfying hobbies. I enjoy my vehicle and I am thankful for the quiet community I live in. In these things, I am content.

Then it hit me. I would ask for sanity. To not feel like such a basket case riding such a crazy roller coaster. For peace. For more less pressure and more joy. To be able to fall asleep and sleep a whole night without waking up and thinking of all the "stuff" of life. Those things, I recognize, are harder to quantify. So what would I ask for?

I feel as though these three things (because genie's grant three wishes, right!?) would at least help:

1. Freedom from a certain element of the past. Perhaps it's about healthy boundaries and the freedom to look forward but regardless, I think it would help immensely.

2. Financial freedom. I'm not talking about being a millionaire.  Just being able to budget and find some control over our finances. I hate debt, even good debt (is there such a thing?). I wonder if it's even biblical or God honoring and it stresses me out. I'd like it gone.

3. Help around the house. A maid, chef, accountant, personal grocery shopper or laundry help sure would help!! The pressure to work as much as I do and still accomplish the things that need to be done every day at home have me feeling a bit like I'm juggling 12 flaming bowling pins...and I'm really not a good juggler. The "to do lists" are just too long. Have you seen the cartoon floating around the interweb of a woman, kicked back in her recliner in utmost exhaustion, with the caption "why do they want dinner every night?" I get it. I need help.

I'd be satisfied with those requests. I think that would help. I don't mind the responsibility of the "rest" - trips, "things", etc - being up to me. I can handle that. I just want a bit of a kick start, a help to pull me away from the brink of exhaustion. Yes, that would certainly help.

So here's my question for you: what would you ask for?

Friday, August 03, 2012

I can't even wait!

I grew up on Bond. So many terrible titles for so many great movies. I've loved each Bond. Brosnan wasn't my favorite but I dealt with it. Now there's Daniel Craig and, so far, two fun, action filled, blow stuff up thrillers. And now there's another one. I'm so excited. I've already told Colin he has to take me on a date!

One of my favorite things about Sarah Bessey's syncroblog is the little linky thing at the bottom (I love that that's what the app calls it by the way) and the hundreds of people that have shared their thoughts on what's saving their lives. It's encouraging. It fills the soul. It nourishes and feeds and builds up.

Of course, I can't stay with just reading one post. I've found so many brilliant writers who are sharing their hearts and touching mine.

Like this, from The Eternal Sunshine of the Scholastic mind:

I’m so tired of feeling angry. (I’m also just tired, but that’s another story.) I don’t want this anger to define me; I don’t want it to affect my ability to love people, even if I disagree with them, and I don’t want it to tarnish my ability to enjoy the truly beautiful parts of life. I want to be happy, I just don’t know how to look past these awful, awful problems that I see in the world that make me mad.
I’m also tired of being too tired to help solve the problems that bother me the most. The best solution to my anger would be to turn it into momentum for social change, but when I get home at the end of the day, I’m lucky if I have enough energy to make dinner for myself, let alone join a revolution. My general fatigue is spiraling into compassion fatigue, and that’s the last thing I want to happen.
I suppose one solution would be to stick my head in the sand, ignore it all, and spend my time watching cat videos on Youtube. But that isn’t in my nature, and I think it’s disrespectful to all of the people who can’t ignore these realities, because they’re living them.
I believe, as one of my favorite bloggers recently put it, that a lack of anger reveals a lack of love. If you’re not angry about the harm being caused to your fellow man and the planet you live on, then what does it say about your love for either? But with that anger should come courage, the second of Hope’s daughters, which makes positive change possible. And right now, I just feel like I’m spoiling Hope’s first daughter and neglecting the second, because I don’t have the energy to nurture two children, and anger is easier than action.

Or this one, where Kim Van Brunt talks about how Yoga is Saving her Life and I agree.

So many great stories. Have you shared yours? You really should.