Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Three Wishes

On my way to work the other day, my favorite morning show crew was discussing Aladdin's lamp (I'm still not sure how they got there) and what they would ask for if they had the opportunity to ask a genie for three wishes. They posed the question to their listeners: what would you ask for?

It got me thinking and, at first, I didn't know what I would ask for. I have a wonderful husband, my family is healthy, I wouldn't want a bigger house (it would only be more to clean!) but do confess that I would love to have my basement finished and the library in Beauty in the Beast is my dream house. Have I mentioned I love my yard? Biking and hot yoga are satisfying hobbies. I enjoy my vehicle and I am thankful for the quiet community I live in. In these things, I am content.

Then it hit me. I would ask for sanity. To not feel like such a basket case riding such a crazy roller coaster. For peace. For more less pressure and more joy. To be able to fall asleep and sleep a whole night without waking up and thinking of all the "stuff" of life. Those things, I recognize, are harder to quantify. So what would I ask for?

I feel as though these three things (because genie's grant three wishes, right!?) would at least help:

1. Freedom from a certain element of the past. Perhaps it's about healthy boundaries and the freedom to look forward but regardless, I think it would help immensely.

2. Financial freedom. I'm not talking about being a millionaire.  Just being able to budget and find some control over our finances. I hate debt, even good debt (is there such a thing?). I wonder if it's even biblical or God honoring and it stresses me out. I'd like it gone.

3. Help around the house. A maid, chef, accountant, personal grocery shopper or laundry help sure would help!! The pressure to work as much as I do and still accomplish the things that need to be done every day at home have me feeling a bit like I'm juggling 12 flaming bowling pins...and I'm really not a good juggler. The "to do lists" are just too long. Have you seen the cartoon floating around the interweb of a woman, kicked back in her recliner in utmost exhaustion, with the caption "why do they want dinner every night?" I get it. I need help.

I'd be satisfied with those requests. I think that would help. I don't mind the responsibility of the "rest" - trips, "things", etc - being up to me. I can handle that. I just want a bit of a kick start, a help to pull me away from the brink of exhaustion. Yes, that would certainly help.

So here's my question for you: what would you ask for?

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Cindy said...

I would ask for direction, for the broad stokes of my life to be laid out in front of me in no uncertain terms. I would ask to know my purpose.

I would ask that my insecurities be lifted and obliterated.

Then I would ask for a pony + world peace :)