Wednesday, June 12, 2013

From the Interweb :: June 12, 2013

Seedling, Never Not Knitting I have some alpaca that I think would be perfect for this little hat BUT who wants to knit winter hats when the sun is finally shining!? Not this kid. This one will have to wait till fall. 

All Seasons Slippers, Etsy - And I want to make these too. Something cozy, comfy and delightful. Indeed. 

Great Kids Have Parents Who Seem to do this Well, Donald Miller "Secretly (until now), I’ve noticed a common theme amongst well-adjusted kids. The theme seems to be this: Great kids come from families in which parents are real about their shortcomings. They come from families who live and believe in grace."

22 Unbelievable Places that are Hard to Believe Really Exist, Bored Panda - I want to go all these places to take all these photos myself. Incredible creation. 

Too Girly To Lead?, Laura Ortberg Turner - no matter how close or how far to the church I feel, this topic is close to my heart. I love the subtitle on this article: "God cares more about our girts than our gender." I've often said it, felt it myself, wondering why God would gift someone if he didn't intend for them to use those same gifts. Why would he gift a woman to preach (yes, preach, not speak, teach or share but actually preach) if he didn't intend for her to do so? Why gift her to vision cast if those gifts were not to be used? Why lead through conflict, manage teams, organize or direct if that wasn't his intention for her? Why?

Probably the Best Wedding Photo Every, Bored Panda - It probably is. Seriously. Check it out.

You don't have to wait, Jim Palmer - live now. today. here. in this moment.

and another one like it...

This is for the Day, Sarah Bessey

What I Want My Kids to Know About Sex, We are that Family - In a world where the messages about sex are so convoluted and sometimes polar opposite, there are some things I wish my kids - and their friends and their friends' friends - knew about sex.

To Carry Hope, Settle Monroe - there is hope, no matter the whether or the season.

Tim Fall: "Families that don't talk about money are more likely to end up in a legal dispute.", Jenny Rae Armstrong - It makes interesting sense. Let's pull out the spreadsheets and spread out the budgets, Babe!

Not as much time for the interweb when there's beauty like this to be enjoyed outside!