Sunday, June 21, 2015

I'm back

I'm back. I want to be. Perhaps I even need to be.
I have no excuse for my hiatus. I let fear get in the way. I was afraid of a certain situation and a certain someone and so I took a break. This place has never been about added stress for myself or those around me but about expression and peace. When I felt like it had become something different, something other than what it was intended for, I was afraid of where it would go and so I took a pause to examine. I wrote and erased, I wrote and saved for later, but I always paused before pressing "publish."  And, like any other habit, once you pause, sometimes it's hard to get going again and it becomes easier to not. Ever tried going to the gym after being gone for a while? Ug. Same principle has applied here for me. 

Now, though, I find I'm being drawn to it. Compelled to write down what's going on in my mind and heart. It helps me process and its good for me to create. Words on paper, black on white, thoughts contained and captured. I need a space to string words and thoughts together. If you choose to join me, welcome. If not, I'm okay with that too.