Monday, September 27, 2010

The Difference of a Letter

This is an actual billboard one would find if you were driving down the street last week in a certain US location. And we wonder why our North American literacy rate is suffering!

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

While outside, everything is winding down for winter, the TV season gears up in the fall. I confess that more and more, I'm learning to enjoy a good TV show, relaxing in the middle of someone else's story and shutting off the real world. Couch time can actually be a very valuable, very spiritual thing, I think (That's probably a whole different post in the works right there!! ).

While I'm anticipating the return of my few favorites this season (House, Big Bang Theory, Chuck, Fringe and Grey's Anatomy...not to mention hockey's back in just a few short days), there's a whole host of new ones coming. I'm going to have to be picky about what I add to the watch list.

For a list of this year's new shows, check this out.

Friday, September 17, 2010

I don't like socks. I don't like shopping for socks. I don't like laundering, matching and folding socks. I certainly don't like wearing socks. I don't like brand new socks. I don't like old socks with holes. I don't like tight socks. I don't like loose, stretched out socks. I don't like them sliding down or moving around. (Why won't they stay put anyway?) I especially don't like socks that get abnormally wide towards the toes. I don't like trying to find the missing sock the dryer somehow always eats. I don't like that socks always end up different even if you bought them in the same package. I don't like socks.

I've been pretty happy for several months now. It's been flip flop, bare feet and painted toe nail time. The last several days, however, have required socks.

There's only one reason for that. There's something that I dislike more than socks and that's being cold. Cold feet are awful.

Now, I admit, there have been days in which I have suffered through cold feet because the idea of going to the drawer, pulling out a pair of socks and putting them on makes me shudder a bit but now, with September feeling suspiciously like October (which makes sense since August felt like September), I'm donning socks.

I was complaining about having to wear socks the other day when I was asked if it was the socks or what they represent that bother me. I had to think about that for a minute. You see, as we've already established, I don't like socks BUT since I also don't like cold, particularly winter which I find significantly more distasteful than socks, it seems fair to make the jump that perhaps it is, in fact, the approach of winter (and therefore the passing of summer) and NOT the socks that is the problem.


Do you know what I decided?

It's both!

Socks AND the story behind the socks.

I want my flip flops.

Spare what!?

When I titled this blog years ago, I didn't think it would become as apt as it has. This is the place for my spare thoughts however it seems like there hasn't been much spare in my life lately. No spare time. No spare thoughts. No spare energy. I don't say that to excuse my lack of writing or to complain but simply to state what has been. That said, I've missed this. I've found myself thinking more and more about the exercise that keeping up a blog has been for my mind and how I miss it. Like physical exercise, it brings many good things. So here's the deal. I'm back. Or at least I'm going to try.