Friday, August 03, 2012

One of my favorite things about Sarah Bessey's syncroblog is the little linky thing at the bottom (I love that that's what the app calls it by the way) and the hundreds of people that have shared their thoughts on what's saving their lives. It's encouraging. It fills the soul. It nourishes and feeds and builds up.

Of course, I can't stay with just reading one post. I've found so many brilliant writers who are sharing their hearts and touching mine.

Like this, from The Eternal Sunshine of the Scholastic mind:

I’m so tired of feeling angry. (I’m also just tired, but that’s another story.) I don’t want this anger to define me; I don’t want it to affect my ability to love people, even if I disagree with them, and I don’t want it to tarnish my ability to enjoy the truly beautiful parts of life. I want to be happy, I just don’t know how to look past these awful, awful problems that I see in the world that make me mad.
I’m also tired of being too tired to help solve the problems that bother me the most. The best solution to my anger would be to turn it into momentum for social change, but when I get home at the end of the day, I’m lucky if I have enough energy to make dinner for myself, let alone join a revolution. My general fatigue is spiraling into compassion fatigue, and that’s the last thing I want to happen.
I suppose one solution would be to stick my head in the sand, ignore it all, and spend my time watching cat videos on Youtube. But that isn’t in my nature, and I think it’s disrespectful to all of the people who can’t ignore these realities, because they’re living them.
I believe, as one of my favorite bloggers recently put it, that a lack of anger reveals a lack of love. If you’re not angry about the harm being caused to your fellow man and the planet you live on, then what does it say about your love for either? But with that anger should come courage, the second of Hope’s daughters, which makes positive change possible. And right now, I just feel like I’m spoiling Hope’s first daughter and neglecting the second, because I don’t have the energy to nurture two children, and anger is easier than action.

Or this one, where Kim Van Brunt talks about how Yoga is Saving her Life and I agree.

So many great stories. Have you shared yours? You really should. 

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