Tuesday, April 09, 2013

From the Interweb, April 9, 2013

5 Social Media Mistakes that Mess with Your Career, the Scoop - I wish more people were aware of the realities of how far social media reaches and the implications of that for their career and life. If they considered the pictures they post and the language they use in light of their career I wonder if, perhaps, things like facebook and twitter would read just a little bit less like the walls of a bathroom stall.

Putting the breaks on Panic Mode, Giving Up on Perfect - A few good reminders for allowing yourself to relax when life gets busy and, perhaps, overwhelming.

The Truth About Parenting Kids in an Unsafe World, We are that family - "I knew dinner was ready because my siblings and I listened for my mom’s call throughout the neighborhood. We rode our bikes around town, to the store and to school, unchaperoned. We climbed in ditches and went inside our neighbor’s houses. We caught fireflies in mason jars and made yarn pompoms and went door-to-door selling them all summer long, just for fun." But life is different now, or so it seems. We bundle up with a different helmet for every activity, all kids have cell phones and heaven forbid we try things on our own. The things is, there are realities in our world that make it just a bit scarier than when we were kids and make the cautiousness seem just a bit more warranted.

Mind Blowing Architectural Density in Hong Kong, Bored Panda - I would go absolutely 100 % looneytunes living in a place this densely packed. The pics are pretty amazing though.

In which Jezebel gives Way to Deborah, Sarah Bessey - Sweet mercy, this is like balm to my church evaluating spirit. "This is the thing I believe about the Kingdom of God: it’s for all of us. It’s for the powerful and weak, it’s for men and for women, it’s for the outliers and the insiders. It’s for all of us. And so there is no neat and safe and tidy box: instead there is the wild and untamed and glorious riches of Christ Jesus, there is Deborah and David, there is Junia and Paul, there is Martha and Lazarus, Esther and Sarah, and there is you and there is me. In Christ, oh, hallelujah, there is room for us all. Don’t let anyone scare you from the battle, Deborah. God has called you, Esther, for such a time as this."

Believing in a Better Modesty Movement, Dannah Gresh, her*meneutics - For years, I have been having conversations about what modesty for the Christian woman really looks like. Something about what I (and many of the women I grew up with) have been taught growing up and how that has shaped our view of ourselves seems counter to what the Bible actually teaches and what I know in my heart to be true. It doesn't seem helpful. The question remains, then, what does it mean to be proud of the uniquely created feminine nature - physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual - and be appropriately modest. What is modesty? Dannah takes a stab at it. I like the focus on respect all the way around. She just might be on to something with that.

Why Healthy Children Aren't Always Happy Children, We are that family - It could be summed up in this: "Because an (immediate) happy child isn’t always a (longterm) healthy child." And that's why the parents make the tough decisions, looking at the big picture and what's long term healthy. It's why trying to be a buddy first doesn't actually help anyone even if it temporarily keeps the peace. It's why parenting is hard work. But it's how children become healthy, respectable, successful, engaged members of society, the kind of people that others want to be around.

What Christians need to know about Mental Healthy, Ann Voskamp - for there to be more grace, there needs to be more understanding...and for more understanding, there needs to be more grace. 

All seasons slippers, Etsy - I TOTALLY want to make these!

Carry on Warrior, Rachel Held Evans - a review of a book I want to read. I might want to take some folks on a journey through it with me. Anyone in? 

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