Tuesday, April 23, 2013

From the Interweb :: April 23, 2013

Hard and Good Work, Momastery.com - So good. So honest. So funny.

Let's Talk about Food!, Rachel Held Evans - I like to talk about food. I also like to read about food. Mostly, I like to eat food.

What a hundred lifeguards taught me about my calling, Chatting at the Sky - Not only does she NOT lump all lifeguards together in some hollywood baywatch-esque stereotype (that's right, not all lifeguards are "whistle twirling, chair lounging, teenage flirting type of life guards", thank you very much) but the message she draws from watching them work hit home too.

(un)steady as she goes: on grieving a good thing, sortacrunchy - I don't have twins. There is no shared experience through which I can find that deeper level of understanding at how twins changes life but I can understand the anger, the grieving and the guilt of which she speaks. I can understand how THAT changes a person. I can understand how life turning out so very different from how you planned does something, something drastic, to your heart, to your emotions, to your faith and to your trust...and I'm thankful that sortacrunchy can express it in a way that I can't.

What it Means to be a Christian, Rachel Held Evans - a great quote from a great man of  faith who was not afraid to share his words in ink, a man who will be missed.

In Which I have circles of friendship - and a lobster, Sarah Bessey - Good for my I-think-I'm-more-of-an-introvert-than-I-thought heart that's been thinking a lot about loneliness and community. "Community isn’t an exercise in consumerism and gluttony. Community is not more-more-more = better."

7 Religious Rules to Consider Breaking, Jim Palmer Indeed!

Losing Beliefs, not Faith, Kathy Escobar - She's done it again. I wish I could have a cup of coffee with this lady. It seems as though she has visited the places I'm visiting and walked the road, full of thorns and flowers, that I am walking.

Equality & friendship changes everything, Kathy Escobar - maybe we'll call this one this week's bonus piece. Regardless, here's the truth of the matter, when equality and friendship reign, violence and disconnection cannot. 

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