Friday, March 29, 2013

From the Interweb: March 29, 2013

Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World - We are that Family - I love this one, written a topic that seems to be ever heavy on my mind and heart. It seems so often I just don't know what to do about this attitude that says "I need" about things that are definitely a "want" or how to balance living here, now, today, in this world, with what's good and truly valuable. I'll take any suggestions.

3 Things You should Know About Becoming Yourself, Jim Palmer - surprisingly timely and cut to the heart of the matter

easter hope(less), Kathy Escobar - once again, she's read my mind. Thank you, Kathy. 

The Most Beautiful Cherry Blossoms Around the World, Bored Panda - I want to take pretty pictures like these!

The City in the Clouds: Dubai Photographed from the 85th Floor, Bored Panda - and like these!

30 Awesome Behind the Scenes Shots from Famous Movies, Bored Panda - these are just fun!

Thoughts on 25 Years of Marriage, Wordgazer's Words - some good advice. 

In Which We Leave a Little Room, Sarah Bessey - for a simpler holy week, without the bands, and the showmanship of "that kind" of church. "Strip the rhetoric when we strip our altars. Still the bells and our scrabbling hearts, lay down the palm branches next to the gold spray painted easter eggs and sky-writing Scripture verses and slick direct mail brochures. Fill a basin with water, instead of free cotton candy, and wash someone’s feet. Tear apart the simple bread, pour a glass of wine, and remember, I’m learning to resist the urge to pontificate. Set up an outpost for the Kingdom of God, right in the teeth of suffering and death and greed, and  practice it: We were loved right to the end. Even now, we are loved, right to the end."

Not Enough and Too Much, Kathy Escobar @ Shelovesmagazine - a good match with Jim Palmer's post from above. "Our crazy brains are always trying to ruin us, rob us of freedom, steal our hope, confidence, and peace. And when it’s all said and done it seems like the primary struggle tends to land in one significant place for a lot of us: the tension between feeling not enough or too much."

10 Ideas to re-engage with the Bible if we've become allergic to it, Kathy Escobar - more help for the wounded, for those of us trying to re-shape and sort out this walk of faith when what we knew just doesn't seem quite right anymore. If that's not you, these are just some good tips for diving into the Word. 

Easter: The Highest Act of Love, We are that family
I know that yesterday was supposed to be Lexicon day BUT there has been a sad turn of events in my world. Some sort of corruption is plaguing my memory card. Both the camera and the computer read that there are photos there but they can't seem to actually do anything with them, most importantly, there is no viewing them. Sigh. I'm hoping to be smarter than the card on this one but we'll see. So far, the results are not good. Any ideas? I have my Lexicon photos and half a photo shoot on there...grumpy, grumpy, grumpy...

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