Wednesday, January 09, 2013

To Represent Jesus Well

Here's another old one that was hiding, unposted, until today.

To represent Jesus well, we cannot live thoughtless lives.

Jesus never called us to follow him without thought or reflection. this is important because so many things have been done in Jesus' name that history has proven were not only ill-advised but even inhumane. You can't just write it off as, "Well, the church told me to do that." History would have been a much better place without the Inquisitions and the Crusades, not to mention the KKK, but all of them have used a cross to lead the way. It's a fascinating thought that Jesus would rather have us do what is right than what is "Christian."

Those are only some of the words of Erwin McManus in his book 'Soul Cravings' as he talks about our need to believe in something, in our innate search for truth -for something to believe in that is of value. He goes on to say:

Believing as an intellectual exercise is difficult enough, but our need to believe goes much deeper than that. The Enlightenment changed what it means to believe. To believe and mean nothing more than to agree with the data. When Jesus spoke of believing, he meant something very different. To believe is to wrap your soul around something. To believe in God has to do with trusting. What you believe in is what you trust in and, more important, who you trust.

He talks about who we trust and how we learn to anything, not only Jesus. How we learn to believe ANYTHING in our lives. How trusting, and therefore believing, shapes not only our intellectual view of truth but how we 'absorb' that into our lives, but who we become. And we all do it. Whether we choose to admit it or not, we all believe in something.

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