Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Thrive: Step One

I wrote a while back about why I write...and about why I have been much more hesitant in my writing lately. I shared about my struggle when this place, this space on the internet no longer feels safe and criticism abounds and words are not only taken out of context but passed on, explained and interpreted without my intentions in mind. And that violence, continues. It seems that this blog, so often a tool of peace and rest for me, has become a weapon to be wielded against me. I wrote, then, that I admitted to being a big chicken, allowing the pressure and words against me to keep me from writing.

It seems that it's confession time again. I am still a big chicken. I still second guess each and every word. This place is not any safer than it was, certainly not what it once was. I wish I could shed the lies and the hostility and yet somehow they still hang over my head (and my keyboard) like a cloud. I hate that I have allowed the words of a few to overshadow the encouragement of many and to hamper my freedom...but, if my goal for the year is to thrive and if capturing my thoughts, goals, dreams and photo moments here can help me do that, then perhaps it's time to spend a little more time here, chicken or not. So here we go. Baby steps.

And, if it gets too quiet for too long, you can give me a nudge...we'll call it accountability.

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