Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Oh My Heart

These posts, written by friends near and far, resonate with my heart for one reason or another so I thought I'd share. And now, for your reading pleasure, here goes nothing:

How to Be the Parent You Want to Be: 40 Things Every Child Must Know Before they Leave Home, A Holy Experience

Dear Pastor Mark: Pontificate This; Rage Against the Mini Van  She says what so many of us are thinking but are just too chicken to say out loud. 

How to Find Purpose: Sink into the Questions; She Loves Magazine Some really good questions to ponder in this one.

No condemnation; Kathy Escobar Love this lady. There's very little she writes that doesn't touch my heart.

Jesus or Zoloft?; Jamie @ the Very Worst Missionary One of the things I wish more people were honest about.

What Not to Say to Someone Who Has Suffered Spiritual Abuse; Elizabeth Esther. Could I post these and hang them on a billboard (or many billboards) somewhere!? Seriously.

Also, I'm looking for some good online resources regarding health, fitness and nutrition, blog or otherwise. If anyone has some suggestions, I'd appreciate it!

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