Monday, January 21, 2013

Bits and Pieces from the Google Machine

I'm trying to decide what to title these posts in which I share some of the posts I have read that have been significant to me in one way or another. If they were all just funny, I could say something (witty... maybe) about how they tickled my funny bone. But they're not funny, necessarily. They hit on something I'm thinking about, praying about, hurting about or perhaps am just thinking about now because I've read the words on the world wide web or, as my momma would say, on the google machine. But they don't tickle my mind bone. Its not a bone. Or a heart bone? Not a bone either. Mind muscle? Should we say they "shot to the heart?" [Insert 80's music reference here...come on, you know the one]. Hmmm...Okay, I'll work on it before the next time I'm inspired to link you up with some of the cool people I've met through these crazy blog networks.

 Having shared the experience of the community he talks about, I feel deeply so much of what he's talking about. I've actually been thinking about it a lot: how different groups of people mean different things at different times. How that can change. How that's okay. Or is it? How joy is found in community and how lonely it can be when one does not have that sort of connection. How good experiences set the bar higher for the next ones. How good friends are good for the soul. And how I'm thankful for the good people that have been - and are - in my life.

The Lexicon Project: House Full of Jays I'm going to do it. Or try to do it.
I once heard somebody say that God isn't concerned in our happiness but in our holiness and our wholeness. I would add that he's concerned about our joy...which comes from looking outward (and upward), in living a life of gratitude, in serving, in being in community and in looking at the big picture. See the problem is that what makes one person happy can actually make another person, or even many people, miserable. And happiness, my friends, is temporary where joy, holiness and wholeness are lasting. Happiness does equal meaningfulness. It can seem like a really satisfying, happy thought to, say, punch someone in the face. You might be happy...for now...but they sure won't be. And when you're arrested for assult, you probably won't be either. And did it actually solve the problem causing you to want to punch the bozo in the face? Probably not. Oh, but I digress. Love the article. Love the examples. Check this quote: 

Happiness without meaning characterizes a relatively shallow, self-absorbed or even selfish life, in which things go well, needs and desire are easily satisfied, and difficult or taxing entanglements are avoided," the authors write.

Jodi Foster’s Confession (No, Not that One) Made Her My Hero I take heart in the authenticity and genuine reflection of both the confession - loneliness is real, folks - and the article. In a society where "how are you" and "I'm fine" (said with fake smiles plastered on) have become synonymous with "Hello," "good day" and "good morning," it seems as though the value of a good facade is weighted with higher priority than honesty and true listening to the heart of another. It's brave, then, to share the truth, openly, honestly and with truth.

Because sometimes we're angry. That said, she asks some great questions to evaluate what we're really angry about.

 So good, so good, so good! 

I wrote a post a while back about what anger, bitterness and spite do to a person choosing to carry them. This post adds hate to the list and boy, is it a good thing to remember. Hate hurts. Everyone.
 Good thoughts on marriage and what the biblical references mean.

Food for thought. I'm not getting rid of my phone anytime soon - my excuse is we have no home phone. Fair, right!? - but there's some good things to think through and, if you want, I think Sarah would be okay with you learning from her experience right now.

 I know there's people out there that love vanilla. I'm not one of them. There's so many other flavors out there to savor. Like chocolate. Mint chocolate chip. Raspberry cheesecake. Flavor. Full.

And just because I like it...

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