Friday, April 10, 2009

Ways I know that spring is finally (finally!) on the way...

1. I heard frogs singing last night. It made me smile.
2. It smells a little outside. Okay, it smells a lot.
3. The birds are back in town (sing it like "the boys are back in town" and it's fun).
4. We're heading into playoff season.
5. I wore my vest more than my jacket this week.
6. I wore my flip flops. *grin*
7. BBQ. Enough said.
8. I washed my car and it was dry enough that it stayed sort of clean.
9. I have an inexplicable urge to clean my house, take excess things away and generally sort...what is it about spring cleaning, anyway?!
10. There are check stops out again. They don't do that during the winter (except at Christmas and New Years). Even the cops don't really want to be out in the winter. Brrrr.


christopher said...

i love the smell of spring. i think it is the best part.

Stacey Sparshu said...

11. Slurpees that don't freeze me from the inside out!!! MMmm....