Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Round 2

So I went 5 for 8 in the last round. No major disappointments, just a few surprises...including the number of swept series. That almost takes the fun out of it for me! I want battles and game 7's and penalties (Not including "too many men on the ice." Not in the playoffs. That's not cool, Calgary!).

Eastern Conference

(1) Boston v. (6) Carolina
The Canes just fought a good battle (7 games, over time, big fights...that's playoff hockey!) and have some momentum but, unless the break has got to them, I've got to go with the Bruins. Just something about them this year! Boston in 6.

(2) Washington v. (4)Pittsburgh
Washington surprised me last round. I didn't see them pulling it off but they did. Played a good series. Still don't think they've got it in them to beat those pesky Penguins. I'll take good ole' Canadian Crosby and his boys in 7.

Western Conference

(2) Detroit v. (8) Anaheim
Still pains me to do it. Detroit in 5.

(3) Vancouver v. (4) Chicago
Let's face it. Chicago looked good but it's hard to tell if it's because they really were or if it's because Calgary forgot to show up (face it, Calgary fans, that's what happened. Sad but true). Goal tending was sound but not a lot of offense to speak of. On the other hand, Luongo's the man and they've got some scorers on the bench. They made the last round look easy. Canucks in 6.

Let the games begin!

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