Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So here's my picks for round 1 (she says very tentatively. not feeling so bold)...

Eastern Conference

(1) Boston v. (8) Montreal
Boston. In 6. Kind of wish I could say Montreal but I can't. Sigh.

(2) Washington v. (7) NY Rangers
I'm going for the underdog although it's a long shot and I know it. New York in 7.

(3) New Jersey v. (6) Carolina
New Jersey. No question. In 5.

(4) Pittsburgh v. (5) Philadelphia
For some reason, I just hate Philly so I'm going Pittsburgh in 7.

Western Conference

(1) San Jose v. (8) Anaheim
No question. San Jose. In 5 (only 'cause I'm not feeling bold enough to declare a sweep!)

(2) Detroit v. (7) Columbus
Pains me to do it but I'm thinking Detroit in 5. Man, I hate Detroit.

(3) Vancouver v. (6) St. Louis
This is the series I'm most interested in. I'm curious to see what St.Louis can do. They came on at the end but I still have to go with Luongo, I mean, Vancouver. A battle though. In, hmmm, 7. Yup. 7.

(4) Chicago v. (5) Calgary
I love that Calgary media goes from "we're going to win the division" to "all hope is lost, we're going to die." Since they can't seem to beat Chicago and they can't seem to get their defensive act together, I'm going to pick Chicago. Since, however, I love a good series, even if it does involve Calgary, I'm going to hope it goes to 7.

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