Saturday, October 13, 2007

Random Comment of the Day

Stacey (introducing self to bus drive): Hi, I'm Stacey. Julie (the fair director)'s left hand woman.
Driver: Don't you mean right hand?
Stacey: No, left hand...and I'm right handed.

What does that mean and where do these things come from?!

That said, I think it sort of sums up how I've been feeling the last couple days. It's been an outright blur in so many ways.

Wednesday, last minute details and fighting with Staples. Man, they're irritating.

Thursday bright and early, jump on a plane, fly to Winnipeg. Get really disappointing news - really isn't a strong enough word to describe that- from home. Feel helpless because I'm here not there...not that I could do anything, I know, but still. Lots of last minute details with the crew here to get ready for the fairs. Up late studying my seminar notes to make sure I know what I'm talking about. Last thing in the day, praying with Julie as we shut of the lights. I like that. I could get used to that.

Friday, teach all day. Long, long day with lots of information. Small break and evaluation with my partner in pro-D crime. Orientation meeting for the fairs. So good to see old friends again. Like a family reunion. A powerful reminder of the impact and influence you have one people. Humbling, really. It's a great group of people...going to be a great group to travel with...old friends and new alike. Good energy, good feel. Get the last of our "stuff" together to start the fairs. Need to sleep.

Saturday, meet with a friend from high school for breakfast. Crazy that it's been 10 years since we've seen each other. How does time fly so fast and yet seem so unimportant when you get back together? Get phone call that baby Knutson has arrived. Amazing. God is good! Back to the hotel. Insanity ensues with loading, unloading, and moving materials for the trip. Our hotel room is doubling as a storage room. Yes, i can still get in the bathroom and into the fridge. Off to the venue. First four presentations done. Not bad, if I do say so myself. Back to the hotel. More moving "stuff" into our hotel room. How do we have so much "stuff"? For supper with good friends. Catching up with people is one of God's good gifts to us, I'm sure. Back to hotel room to work on presentations. Nearly done for the day...and hockey's on. Time to sleep. Need to be awake early so we can get all this "stuff" out of our hotel room and onto the bus. Need to be on the road by 8am. Phew...

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Tim Kantel said...

Thursday's Highlights of the Day:

- The shuttle to the hotel...even though you got bad news, the driver was pretty unique wasn't she?

- The stop at Starbuck's and your spontaneous utterance, "Oh this is heaven!"

- Watching two episodes of The Office to figure out what to put in our seminar.

- The fact that you're reading a book by Neal Peart and listen to Rush. How does this happen seriously?

Friday's Highlights:

- The realization during the ProD that we really do know what we're talking about...and we're still a pretty darn good team even though we actually see each other about twice a year.

- Somehow finding the term "foul play" really funny when used in reference to the bus tour.

Have a great tour Stacey. It was a blast teaming up with you again!

See you next month!