Friday, February 22, 2013


a new, fun for the whole family game, complete with angry birds and bad piggies.

Yup. Pigs DO fly.

I knew right where to find him. Love to share quiet moments like this with my man.

So much more peaceful without all those crazy people.

Shared a decadent favorite with a sweet girl on a day off. Check these guys out. SO GOOD!


+ Strawberry

= yummy mango strawberry salsa. Extra delicious on Cobb's bread with cream cheese!

Hockey night in our house.

One of the things about the Lexicon Project that I've been loving is that I'm feeling more inspired to play with my camera. Truthfully, it's what I hoped for when I jumped on the band wagon - it's one of the things that I've wanted to get back to do as I seek to thrive -  and it's been that and more!  It's been a fun reminder that a photo is a moment and, much to my family's chagrin, I'm sure, has been the impetus for my camera to once again find it's home out on the kitchen counter...or the coffee table...or the couch...or the kitchen table...I think it was Ann Voskamp, either in her book or blog, that talks about putting her camera on the kitchen counter to bring it, and the photos it captures, into every day life.  And light captures life.

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