Monday, May 28, 2007

Music Makes the World Go Round

"Music is the best means we have of digesting time."

W. H. Auden

I've found that lately. Music reflects so much of who I am. It's a way for me to absorb what's going on. It's also a way for me to release what's going on. Odd, isn't it? I find the more emotional I am, whether that is up or down, the more I crave music in my life.

Lately, that's meant buying a lot of music. I am so thankful for iTunes gift cards and gift certificates for Best Buy!

Here's a bit of a list of what I've picked up in the last couple months:

Peter Bjorn and John, Writer's Block
Sam Roberts, We Were Born In Flame
Dierks Bentley, Modern Day Drifter
Paulo Nutini, These Streets
Vicki Beeching (great worship stuff...and it's nice for me to find a GIRL doing it well!I feel a little inspired...)
The Killers, Sam's Town
John Mayer, The Village Sessions
Pirates of the Caribbean: At Word's End Soundtrack
Catch and Release Soundtrack (so good!)

...and then some random singles courtesy of iTunes...Future of Forestry, MIKA, Blue Rodeo, Plain White T's, Jeremy Riddle...

A friend of mine passed the "Off the Clock, Vol. 1" disc from Starbucks on to me a while back and caught me up on some up and coming artists. Much appreciated!

I borrowed my brother's John Mayer, Room For Squares...sooo good...and Dave Berard's new Hillsong United CD...

Then at YC this past weekend, I got to enjoy some of the main stage performers: David Crowder (most unique!), Lincoln Brewster (Most surprising!), United Live (always a fav), and Toby Mac (just plain fun. He puts on a pretty good show for an "older" white guy!).

It's great to have an outlet but I think I'm in need of a little less splurging...or a little more self control! The thing is there's always more music coming that I could add to the collection! I've got a list of music that I still want, not need, but want. Where's the balance between a hobby and an addiction? Between an appreciation for music and outright materialism? Yikes.

To give you an idea of what kind of potential trouble I'm talking about, let me show you "The list" in no particular order...
Tim Hughes, Holding Nothing Back
Josh Radin, We Were Here
Maroon 5, It Won't Be Soon Before Long
Last Kiss Soundtrack
Painted Veil Soundtrack
Micheal Buble, Call Me Irresponsible
Hawksley Workman
Spiderman 3 Soundtrack
Gnarls Barkley, St. Elsewhere
John Mayer Trio, Try
Jeremy Fisher, Goodbye Blue Monday
Joss Stone, Introducing Joss Stone
Snow Patrol, Final Straw
Keith Urban, In the Ranch
Memoirs of a Geisha sountrack

then there's all the random stuff like Death Cab For Cutie, Fratellis, Muse, Dustin Kensrue, Tegan and Sarah, Yellow Card, Feist...pretty much anything from Grey's Anatomy 'cause they know how to pick it...

See what I mean?!

It's ridiculous.

It probably needs to stop.


I don't really want it to.

Perhaps some of that can be "explained" by losing all the stuff off my old computer but not really since not much of what's on "this list" is replacing any of that so probably not.

Excuses are for losers, call a spade a spade, I'm addicted to music.

It could be worse, right?

The real question is, how long do I actually listen to it once I get it. Perhaps it's time to "recycle" some of the old stuff. least I've found a couple good radio stations now. Calgary's new extreme (92.9 fm) is playing right into what I've been craving lately.


Dayna Chu said...

"random singles" of Blue Rodeo? C'mon Stace, go for the albums, they're awesome :)

Stacey Sparshu said...

Oh, I know, I know...the thing is I need to limit what I'm picking up, not be encouraged to buy more...oh that silly self control thing...right up there with the obnoxious patience thing!