Thursday, May 28, 2009


Yes, we're rolling into the beginning of June and into the Stanley Cup finals. It's that time of year. Also time for ball tournaments, birthdays, sunshine and crazy kids in the pool for swimming lessons but that's all for other posts.

Back to hockey.

I'd wanted to see Pittsburgh and Chicago in the finals but was sadly disappointed by Chicago. Really. They didn't even show up. Sad. So, here it goes...

(4)Pittsburgh v. Detroit (2)
Pittsburgh is young and on fire. They got off easy with Carolina, finishing them off quickly and with little injury. They've had a bit of a break now but, sadly, breaks never seem to bode well at this point in the playoffs. Plus, Detroit is a bit more mature and, well, Detroit. As much as it pains me to do it (I hate Detroit! Yes, I do know I've said that before.) and as much as this article might give me hope, I'm going to pick Detroit for the Stanley Cup Champions in 6 games. Sigh.

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