Thursday, January 22, 2009

National Film Board

In hopes of increasing awareness surrounding the Canadian film industry, the National Film Board announced yesterday that they will have more than 700 films hosted on their website for free viewing.

There will be English and French language films available. Shorts. Award nominees. Award winners. Well known films and hidden treasures. I'm guessing there will also be some crap. But isn't that the way it is with all of life? You take the good with the bad?

It will all be Canadian.

That's the thing I like. It's Canadian. The fact that they're hosting it for free will help raise awareness not only of the fact that there is a Canadian film industry but that there is quality film, quality art, coming out of Canada. There are directors and producers, actors and locations featured in films that have played around the world. But we don't know about them. We can't tell the difference between them and their American counterparts.

Currently there are over 700 titles available on the site. Within the next month or so they want to add another 100. After that, they are hoping to add another 10-20 films each month.

I'm looking forward to checking out what's there.

I'm proud to be Canadian.

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