Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 Things About Me

This thing started in my circle of friends on facebook a couple days ago and, while I don't usually get sucked into these things, it's been so much fun reading all the ones so many of my friends have done that I felt like I should. Then, once it was done there, I thought I might as well post it here too. Sorry if you got it in both places.

1. I would live off pizza, chocolate (especially the dark stuff), cheese, wine and coffee if my body would let me. It probably won't so I don't.

2. I love to read. My favorite part of Beauty in the Beast (Disney's version) is when Belle walks into the big library. I want a library like that...with a ladder!

3. My favorite thing to do on a Saturday morning when I'm not working is to curl up on the couch in my jammies, with my coffee and watch cartoons. I don't care if I'm approaching middle age (thanks for the pearl of wisdom, Tasha!).

4. I love playing volleyball and really miss playing right now!

5. The only thing I'm allergic to is celery. I know, retarded. It could be worse. It could be chocolate (see #1).

6. I never feel better after I vomit. I don't know who those crazy people are that do. I'll do ANYTHING to avoid it.

7. One of my favorite things about my job at the pool is the people...patrons, students & staff. I love people. Even stupid people. They may be frustrating but they provide good stories.

8.I love dogs but not cats. I grew up with dogs but haven't had one since I moved to the city. Sad but probably good since some days I can't seem to take care of myself let alone anyone else.

9. My dream vacation would be to Scotland and Ireland to wander castles, absorb history (I love the history!), visit churches, photograph the countryside, hang out in pubs and hear the accents...and that's just for starters. Don't know why but it's always been where I want to go.

10. I love to drive. The car is one of my most relaxing places. It's also one of my most frustrating. Go figure.

11. I'd like to be a race car driver, but maybe just for a day.

12. I thoroughly enjoy breakfast food and could eat it for any meal of the day. Waffles. Pancakes. Eggs. Especially eggs.

13. I'm a night owl. My ideal day would find me starting my day around 9:30 am and finishing around 2 am the next day.

14. I hate the cold. Despise it. I don't care if I grew up in Northern Alberta, I think it sucks...the cold, not northern Alberta.

15. I think summer all year 'round would be a good idea - No, I wouldn't miss snow at Christmas - and have thought of moving somewhere where it's warm all year but don't know where I'd go. And I'd miss my family. Lots. So I'm still here.

16. I love movies. All kinds of them...but I think boy-action-type movies are probably my favorites. The epics like Braveheart and Gladiator, the lighter action movies like Transporter and Mission Impossible and everything in between.

17. Music, music, music makes me happy. Playing, listening, writing. I'm convinced that there is a song for every moment - a soundtrack for life, if you will - and that there are many different genres worth appreciating.

18. I sometimes don't think that I'm a very good "girl." I don't do pink, I'm not really sure what to do with makeup or a curling iron, I prefer beer to fruity drinks, I would take just about any kind of movie over a girly chick flick, I shop when necessary (unless it's a book store), perfume makes my nose itch, I love sports - playing or watching, gossip makes me cringe and I hate to cry.

19. I pride myself on being self sufficient but would love to have someone to take care of me.

20. I would love to publish a book one day. When I figure out what it's going to be about I'll let you know.

21. I'm a big nerd. I love school and am looking forward to going back. I thrive off learning, researching and writing.

22. I don't really like living in the city. I would love to have an acreage with horses, a greenhouse and a house with a wrap around veranda.

23. I would like to use my photography to fund my ministry...maybe I would have my own photo studio one day or, if I'm really dreaming, shoot for national geographic.

24. I love every minute I get to spend walking life with people and helping them realize what it is that God really thinks of them, what he's created them for, and what this life is about.

25. I'm passionate about the church and want to be a part of a movement that breaks the stereotype of the judgmental, hypocritical Christian. I want to be part of a radical movement of church, one that is working hard to figure out what it means to live and love like Jesus, that leads the way in every area of life, is conscious of being concerned about what's really important in life instead of picking on stupid things and is as attractive to those around them the way that Jesus was & is to those those around him.

I didn't think that I'd be able to come up with 25 things - I'm really not as interesting as I try to lead people to believe - but now that I'm done, I might have to add to the list later. You know, include all those things that I missed. Stay tuned.

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