Saturday, April 19, 2008

Why's it winter again...why, oh, why?

And this, my friends, is spring in Calgary. Also the reason that my ice scraper has not been taken out of the car for its summer hibernation (see the 10th reason that we know it's spring).

I have to admit that I am ready for this to be over. In fact, last night, Heather and I decided this isn't just "I'm grumpy that it's snowing again" weather but downright "I'm ANGRY that it's snowing weather." I don't want anymore...I want sun and beaches and green grass and birds singing and sweat...yes, even sweat.

Just to show how extreme the weather changes have been, this chair is the chair I was sitting in last weekend when in what +20! Now look at it!

These two show you the view from my bedroom window. This is what I woke up to! Arg.

The only redemption to be found in the whole thing is that we know it will all be gone again in a couple of days. After all, this is Calgary! And that is why I enjoy living here! Because even when we have a day (or two) like this, we know that change is coming and the sun will shine!

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