Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm pretty blessed to have several really cool little people around me and just so there's no confusion, I mean children, not the vertically challenged. Anyway, several of my friends have kids and I have the privilege of loving them to pieces.

I was thinking about something the other day when I was hanging out with the newest addition, little Ewan Maclennan.

It's amazing how much I can love someone who has done nothing but show up.

He can't do anything, let along anything for me. He can't carry on a conversation. He can't play games or drive or do the laundry or, well, do much other than just "be." In fact, at this stage, he needs from the grown ups around him just so that he can "be."

And yet we all love him like crazy.

And that thought process got me thinking. Isn't that a lot like how God loves us. We're certainly not at the level of equals with him in the sense of ability or knowledge. Our emotional intelligence and our IQ are lacking in comparison. We're needy and reliant on Him for the things we need to make it through our day to day. Give us this day, our daily bread, we cry, if we cry at all.

And yet He loves me!

More than I could ask, imagine or expect.

More than I could ever love the precious children around me.

And so I wonder if that's part of what the Scriptures mean when they tell us to come to Him like a little child...in awareness of that. Just a thought.

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