Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring is here...part 2.

So Chris added two more reasons indicators of spring to my last post via comments and inspired me to continue my list. Chris is the mind behind number 8 and 9. The rest are mine.

8. Tulips busting through.
9. The robins are serenading Calgary...and they've brought their friends!
10. You consider taking the snow brush/scraper out of your car but decide against it because you know you might still need it. That's spring in Calgary, my friends.
11. NHL playoffs begin.
12. Windshield washer fluid seems to evaporate you're using it so fast.
13. People start pulling boats around. I'm not sure where they're going with them but the "itch" that inspires them definitely assumes spring - and then summer - is right around the corner.
14. Kids on bikes.
15. Bigger kids on motorbikes.
16. Buds on the trees. The one outside my house has all these beautiful little green buds on the branches. I love it! That definitely makes the list.
17. Color enters people's wardrobes and adorns mall mannequins. No more solid blacks and greys.
18. Restaurants and pubs begin to open their patios...just not fast enough for me!
19. The aroma of BBQ'd dinner begins to linger in the air.
20. Gas prices go up, assuming people are driving more. Or perhaps that's just a sign of the times. Geesh!

Anyone have any others to add?

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