Monday, May 02, 2011

"When you understand that leadership is influence instead of position, it changes everything. You don't strive to be a leader; you strive to add value to people, and they'll let you be the leader." John Maxwell

I can't help but think about leadership today as our country awaits the final results on yet another national election. Wouldn't it be interesting if, in our political landscape, we could trust that the leaders were truly striving to add value to the lives of people instead of striving for the position of power and the accompanying influence (read ability to better themselves and their current situation)? One of the keys to a successful democratic system is that the leaders represent the people and represent them well. As I watch the polls, I can't help but hope that this could be a possibility.

Thinking about leadership always gets me thinking about the church and about how we lead there - how I lead and how I am led. I think of the way I interact with people in my day to day, in a variety of roles and in a variety of types of leadership. I pray that in my leadership the truth of Maxwell's words are evident; that I live a life of leadership in which I strive to and am able to add value to the people I encounter.

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