Wednesday, July 08, 2009


I have a...

"Hunger for deeper, wider, and higher community that genuinely and organizationally transforms the communities we belong to and the ones that surround us. I see a hunger for something beyond the individualized, self-absorbed, bloated faith that is the common fare of most churches.

Hunger for the power of the gospel - not only to forgive sin but also to transform what makes us sinful in the first place, bringing freedom, healing, and deliverance.

Hunger for grace - to see all those excluded and hurt by the church brought again int contact with Jesus and His bride and told of their pricelessness.

Hunger for joy - transcending our techno-isolation and consumer orientation, hunger to taste the joy, wonder, and awe of the world and people around us.

Hunger for justice - to see the gospel proclaimed and lived out in word and deed, corporately and individually, structurally and personally, globally and locally.

Hunger for worship - to see the offering of our whole selves as the only fitting response to God's mercy, holiness, love and grace.

Hunger for truth - tired of talking heads proffering countless human opinions, always in conflict, we hunger for a definitive word, a voice with authority, a way of discerning what really matters and why.

Hunger for honesty - disgusted with the scandals of our churches and our hearts, we hunger to find places where we no longer have to hide our true selves from God or from each other."

in Death By Church, Mike Erre, pg 13.

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