Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Croc Dock

We're 2 days into day camp and I'm loving it. I've got a lot to say and will *hopefully* use this space to process it later on. It's been so much fun! Great kids. Fantastic people to do it with. Fun songs. Good games. Field trips. Oh man!!

Day 1 - God is with us. Fear not!! Science Center for the afternoon

Day 2 - God is powerful. Fear not! Then it was off to the zoo!

Cool story. We had one little boy who had to leave at lunch time to go and have some allergy testing done. He's wearing his camp t-shirt and so the nurse asks him what it's all about. He tells her, in detail, about what he's been learning at camp. Songs about Jesus. How God is always with us. Some of the God sightings we talked about. His mom says he's a little bit ADD with things like that but was shocked at how much he remembered, in detail, and how excited he is about it. Just cool.

For me, it's been another one of those moments where I just feel like I've hit the sweet spot. A bit like the tours but in a different way. I love the kids. I love the energy. I love working with the people I'm working with. I love the role I get to play. I love leading the songs and doing the silly dances...and not worrying what anyone thinks because that's not the point. And I feel like I'm doing a descent job at it. All that said, it's humbling too. I watch things go on around me and I know it's not all me. I recognize the fantastic job the team is doing and all the work that each one of them is doing. I see the different skills each one brings and I know that they are bringing things to the table that I never could. I know that there is much more going on than I ever could have orchestrated and that someone much bigger than me is in charge. It's good. It's just good.

God is with us. Fear not!

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christopher said...

Sounds awesome! I'm looking forward to the post-processing. :)