Monday, June 30, 2008

Well, no wonder!

Earlier this month, the Calgary Sun, among others, reported that 50% of the Calgary health region are overweight, bumping Calgary to the fattest city in Canada. As I'm pondering this (about the same time that I'm seriously considering getting my certification as a fitness instructor), the rest of Calgary is gearing up for the Stampede. One of the promo pieces that came in the mail to our house listed some of the places to eat on the grounds and some of the new and unique treats for 2008. Check out this list:
  • deep fried OREO
  • deep fried Twinkies
  • pizza on a stick
  • bacon on a bun
  • beignets
  • deep fried coke
  • taco in a bag
  • hot beef sundae
  • cinnamon buns
  • fried dough
  • Frozen chocolate bananas
  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • Bubble tea
  • Indian taco
  • calzones
  • London broil
  • roasted corn
  • dippin' dots
  • crepes
  • gyros
What else can we deep fry? We've resorted to deep frying dough, for pete's sake! Dough!! And we wonder why we're getting chubbier!?

I think I'm going to go for a run!


Dayna Chu said...

wasn't dough the *first* thing they thought of deep frying (donuts)? Well, the deep fried twinkie and oreo made me laugh... and BACON ON A BUN... that's gross. Anyway, Karl says he's trying to submit a new item to the stampede for next year: Deep Fried Butter! mmmm, butter.

Tim Kantel said...

My personal favorite is the hot beef sundae.

I don't know why but reading this list reminded me of our tour stops in Ottawa when you guys would all be waiting anxiously to buy the local delicacy, Beavertails.

I'm sure you must have some pictures of the expressions on peoples faces the first time they ate one. So very bad but sooooooo tasty!

Stacey Sparshu said... donuts...okay that's two words...oops...oh, and yes, bacon on a bun does sound gross unless of course you're adding beef and tomatoes and cheese and calling it a burger but then the bacon is only an accessory, not the main attraction. Tell Karl that I won't be sampling his fried butter but am positive it would go over with the right marketing slogan. I'm not sure what that slogan would be yet but I'm sure there is one!

Tim...I still haven't figured out what could possibly be in a hot beef sundae. It reminded me of a Friends episode where Rachel was making trifle but the pages got stuck together and it ended up some weird mix of fruit trifle and what might have been shepherd's pie. Yuck! I think it's funny that it reminded you of Beavertails! The trick to those things is really the nuttella topping! Seriously, what's better than pastry with chocolate AND hazelnuts. I can't really think of anything! To add to it, it sure was fun to experience with new people every year...thanks for sharing in the adventures of us "tourists" as we entered into your town!

christopher said...

Hot Roast Beef Sundae's are amazing! Take a parfait cup, add a couple of scoops of mashed potatoes, throw some roast beef slices in the top and you got and awesome little meal. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed that Calgary could be considered the fattest city in Canada, it seems like the entire city is always out walking/blading/biking... at any rate, if it makes you feel better, here in the South that list of "unique treats" are regular menu here for a picture of deep fried Kraft Dinner! Ewww. My vote for next year: Deep Fried Pancake Breakfast! (this is Dayna's sister, I found your link on her blog!)