Tuesday, December 24, 2013

O Come, O Come...Emmanuel, God with Us.

So here we are. It’s Christmas Eve. How on earth did that happen?! Somehow, in my mind, it still October. With extra snow. And yet it’s Christmas Eve.

As the season has seemingly snuck up on me, the typical season’s greeting, “Are you ready for Christmas?”, (synonymous with “how are you?” during the holidays, it seems), has actually caused me pause. This year, more than any other, I don’t feel ready for Christmas.
I’m not ready with gifts.
I’m not ready with baking.
I’m not ready with decorations, with tinsel, with trees, with wrapping and bows.
I’m not ready with Christmas parties and egg nog or celebration.
I’m not ready with Christmas music.
I’m not ready with “Joy to the world...”
But as I reflect, I realize that I am ready for “…the Lord has come.” I am ready for his presence to descend into the mess of busyness and heartbreak and loss. I’m ready for Emmanuel, God with us. And maybe, just maybe, there’s room for that in this holiday, the way that Israel was waiting for a king, a savior, a redeemer, to enter into their mess and bring light and life and joy. Because I am ready for “peace on earth, “all is calm, all is bright,” and a bit of “silent night.” For that I am ready.
Praying that this Christmas brings peace and joy and new life into this new year. 
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel. 

God with us.

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