Thursday, August 22, 2013

From the Interweb :: Aug 22, 2013

Honest Disney Posters Reveal True Movie Messages, Bored Panada - You really do need to take a look at these. While (mostly) tongue in cheek, it's worth thinking about the messages media portrays without the viewer necessarily realizing.

In Which love looks like spinning our own yarn, Sarah Bessey - I love how stories speak and love knowing that my honey and I are making memories; making our own stories and spinning our own yarns.

What every husband needs to hear, we are that family - I've been bad at this lately, but I'm trying. Words matter and I want my words to him to be such that they build him up, not tear him down.

Best Wildlife photos from National Geographic traveler photo contest 2013, bored panda - OH. MY. GOODNESS.

A Letter to Kate Middleton on the Postpartum Body, Emily Wierenga - Oh do, I love these words, shared one woman to another, words that, for one reason or another, we all need to hear.

My Husband is Not my soulmate, the art in life - You might think it's odd that my husband sent me the link to this article but, truly, it's not. Not when you realize that love is a choice, not an accident or by force. It's not something you fall in and out of. I like having the choice and knowing it. He's not "the one" I "have" to love because of force or fate or because there's no one else I "could" love, rather, I choose Him every day. There's both freedom and responsibility in that. Perhaps it's not as romantic a notion but it's far more true and far more valuable a mindset to hold if healthy, growing, lifetime relationships are to be built. It's where forever is found.

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