Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Current Read

This works better when I post them one at a time. Do I go last to first or first to last?

 The Prophet of Yonwood: The Third Book of Ember, Jeanne DuPrau

I read the first two books of the series a long time ago and was looking forward to getting back into it but I have to admit I was disappointed. I can't tell if it's because I had forgotten stuff or if it's because it was a prequel that seemed dropped in the middle of the series...because it was! Ah well, it was a quick read and now I can get back to the "real" story.
 Assassin's Apprentice, Robin Hobb

These were recommended to me by a friend quite a while ago. In fact, I ended up able to buy the whole series at last year's Calgary Herald book drive.

What can I say? I ate it up. On to book two!
Royal Assassin, Robin Hobb

And here's book two. Started a little slower than book one but not that I'm halfway through, I can't seem to put it down. Do I really have to go to work tomorrow?

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