Friday, December 30, 2011

As I was puttering through the house, cleaning up the piles that seem to spontaneously multiply on their own (there's a biology term for this, I'm sure, although I suspect it refers to germs or micro organisms), I found a stack of cards from our wedding. Well wishes. Prayers. Poems. Hopes. Each one specially picked for us as people joined in our celebration. As I read each one, I was reminded that relationships truly do happen in community!

Here's a few to share...

Now you will feel no rain, 
for each of you will be the shelter for each other. 
Now you will feel no cold, 
for each of you will be the warmth to the other. 
Now you are two persons
but there is only one life before you. 
Go now to your dwelling, 
to enter into
the days of your life
and may your days be good and long
upon the earth.

~Apache Blessing~

How to Make a Beautiful Life Together: Reflections on Marriage for the Bride and Groom
Let love be your shelter.
The world is noisy and confusing at times,
so make a home that is a haven,
a peaceful place where you can listen to your hearts and savor
the comfortable closeness you share. 

No matter how busy your days may be,
make time for yourselves. 
Hold hands. Unwind. 
Surprise each other. 
Find little chances every day
to show you're grateful to be partners,
to be friends,
to be married. 

Life is not perfect. 
You will make mistakes but  each time you meet life's challenges together,
you will grow wiser, stronger, 
and surer of your love. 

Cherish your yesterdays. 
They are irreplaceable souvenirs
of your journey through life. 
Make memories
that will bring smiles and sighs whenever you look back. 
(Look back often!)

Look forward, too. 
Dream together. Plan together. 
Make promises to keep. 
Believe in your tomorrows,
because tomorrows 
are what forever is made of. 
To make love last,
put each other first.
That is the way to make a beautiful life together, 
the kind of life you both deserve so much. 

"If" for Couples
If you 
treat each other kindly
with compassion 
and with trust
and always let
your tender feelings show,
If you
laugh together often 
and enjoy
the time you share,
but give each other space
to learn and grow,
If you understand
your differences,
respecting who you are,
and put each other first in all you do...
may you always find the very best in life - 
Growing closer
day by day
as husband and wife. 

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