Monday, June 06, 2011

I really enjoy this blogger. Her name is Sarah and she's honest. She talks about life as a woman, wife, mother, questioner, church member and follower of Jesus in a way that resonates with me. She's hopeful and real, authentic and true to life. She doesn't sugar coat things and I like that. The post I read today is about parenting, particularly about the discipline (or practice) of choosing the words we use with our kids and with ourselves. It's something I've thought about a lot: the words I choose to use in conversation, about others and about myself.  Words are important. They have the power to build up and destroy. When aligned with our actions, they can accomplish much. I think about the things that have been spoken into my life and what I want to speak into the lives of others. I think about the little people in my care and am even more aware of the influence and affect of the words I choose to direct their way and use in their presence. I am humbled to think about the potential and the responsibility I have in that and want to steward it well.

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