Thursday, February 10, 2011

Faith At Home event

I just found out about a fantastic event coming to Calgary. It's a parenting seminar to help provide you with the resources and tools to make your faith a part of your family's every day life. I've read some of their books and heard Mark Holmen speak. It's practical stuff that even the busiest moms and dads could make happen. Best part? It's free! Tickets are needed so they know how many people but I've got some and, like I said, they're free.

Here's some info:

Extreme Family Makeover

This 3 hour seminar will inspire, motivate and equip parents to reestablish the home as the primary place where faith is nurtured. Come ready to gain lots of practical ideas you can begin implementing immediately to bring faith practices into your home life.

Phase 1 - Facing Our Condition
Did you realize that less than 10% of Christian households pray (other than at mealtime), read the Bible, do devotions or participate in any type of worship at home? What does this mean? Where does this lead? What happens when faith is not being lived out or talked about in the home?

Phase 2 - Creating A Vision/Plan
We have retirement plans, educational plans and vacation plans yet do we have a plan for how to grow spiritually as a family? Let's learn how to build a spiritual growth plan.

Phase 3 - Building a Unique Lifestyle
Every family is unique and there are many ways to live out your faith at home. Let's learn ways to bring faith back into the center of our daily lives.

Phase 4 - Welcoming Partners
It's not easy being a Christian or Christian household. Who can you invite to help you stay the course and keep growing in your faith walk?

Thursday, March 3 6:30-9:00pm

Foothills Alliance

Presented by Mark Holmen (faith at home pioneer) and Brian Siewert (faith at home Canada Director)

For more information, visit

*this is the info for the Calgary event but there's events all across the country over the next couple weeks. Dates and locations are found at the Faith at Home Canada website.

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