Thursday, November 25, 2010

Today is American Thanksgiving. It's also November 25 which means only one month until Christmas. I love Christmas. (I know, I know...if you've read this blog at all you already know that and just rolled your eyes at me yet again. Fine.) I figure those two facts put together (Thanksgiving AND Nov 25) mean that it's high time to get my yuletide on. Yup. Time for Christmas decorating, Christmas music and Christmas treats. Okay, okay. Perhaps the treats have started thanks to my friendly neighborhood Starbucks (mmm...gingerbread) and Sobey's (selling eggnog since October).

On top of all that, this Sunday is officially the first season of advent, a season of anticipation and redirecting our attention so that, when Christmas arrives, we're in a position of preparedness to celebrate the joy of Christmas in all of it's fullness.

This advent, our church is joining in with a number of churches North America wide to participate in the Advent Conspiracy. There's so many inspiring things that have been done by churches across the continent as they attempt to turn their direction back to the true meaning of Christmas. It's about focusing more on Jesus and on giving to people the way he did than on the commercialism that is so easy to get caught up in. And it's not that gifts are bad, they just need to be put in their the foot of the cross.

I love the "things" of Christmas. I love finding a great gift for someone. I love the treats, the lights, the music, the time with family, the celebration and the colors. I anticipate it. I hope, though, that in all of my celebrations of Christmas, I can keep my eyes on Jesus and his revolutionary, radical love for me...and for you.

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