Sunday, October 04, 2009

A little bit of this and a little bit of that...

It feels like it has been absolutely forever since I "actually" posted here. I feel like life has been a bunch of bits and pieces lately. What better than to write a post that reflects that?!

* I've fallen in love with my newly acquired swifer. If you don't have one, I recommend you get one. They clean crazy good!

*I miss my flip flops already. I don't like that I've turned the heat on in my house. I'm not a fan of the snow that fell today even if it did melt. I feel like our seasons have been all messed up this year. Spring. Summer (short). Fall. Summer (in September. short). Fall (short again). Winter. One week I'm wearing t-shirts and the next week I'm wearing big vests and jackets. One of the ladies at church today was laughing that she had sweaters and shorts in the same load of laundry from the same week. True story. 35 degrees to 3 degrees in the same week. Why!?

*I've always had a twin bed...until now. When I moved into my new house - yes, I have a new house. I bought a house!!! - I was surprised with a new bed. A queen sized bed. With a pillow top mattress. Then I bought a duvet to go with it. I love it. It makes me happy. Only problem is that it seems like now I have a whole new reason to hate if I needed any more.

*The new Indigo and Starbucks by my house opened up. I don't know whether I should be excited or afraid of this new prospect. When I moved out of my last neighbourhood, the one thing I was sad about not having anymore was the Starbucks and Chapters that I used to work at. Then I found out about this one going in. Two of my favorite things nice and close.

So I was there the other day. I noticed something I hadn't noticed before. It caught me so off guard that I had to take a picture of it.

Check out the sign:

Perhaps it's just me being all linear and stuff but I see a pattern. If you're looking for any books, gifts or kids it seems that Indigo is the place!

*Question: when CFL season and NHL season overlap, which game do you watch!?

*I'm learning that I value steadiness. My jobs - both the pool and the church - have been somewhat "flexible" since I started. This fall, however, has seemed different. More harried. More random. More "shift" work. Last school year, I taught school boards at the pool. What that meant is lessons Monday to Friday, 9ish until noon-ish and, some weeks, 1 until 3. Perhaps I'd pick up a couple guard shifts a week. Essentially, though, I had a schedule of sorts for the pool. Generally, it worked, then, that I could have a reasonably set schedule at the church too. Even if I was working a ton of hours during the week, at least I had some schedule...some rhythm...some routine.

This year, however, I'm not teaching school boards on a regular basis. It means no guaranteed hours and even less guaranteed shedule. I'm thankful that work is still coming - I'm learning to trust God in a whole new way to provide for what I need - and that everyone at the church has been gracious about me needing a little extra flexibility to make things work right now but I'm beat. It's funny. I'm working the same number of hours as I was before but I'm finding this much harder to keep up.

It's teaching me something about myself. Even though I need variety in my life, something I knew before, I also need stability.

So now the question is how to find the stability I need in the current season of life I'm living in. For the record, I don't want to quit either job. That's not the answer. Thanks for the advice.

*My car was broken into again. It's a crappy, old, rusty Sunfire. There was nothing visible in it. I'd parked along the building, under a streetlight between the hours of 8pm and 10:30pm. Why on earth would my car, then be a target?! Ever feel like you do everything right and still can't get anywhere? That's a little how I've been a lot of areas of life, to be honest. It doesn't seem to matter how hard I work, how much I do right, it's still not enough.

And it's when I really start thinking like this, that I'm somehow reminded that it's true.

It doesn't matter. It's not all about me.

There's trust. There's faith. There's more. It doesn't all make sense. Sometimes it REALLY doesn't make sense. REALLY. I recognize, however, that I am not in control. Someone far more able is.

*The learning curve continues. In my new house, I have a gas stove. Whoever might say gas and electric cook the same is CRAZY. I'm really enjoying the way the stove top heats. I am, however, having a bit of trouble with the oven. I haven't burned anything but I have slightly overcooked a few things. Baking has been tricky. If someone can tell me the difference between cooking times, I'd appreciate it. Until then, it's all trial and error. Lots and lots of practice.

What else? What else? What else? I'm sure there's more but that's all I've got for now. Hopefully I'll be back soon.

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