Thursday, September 03, 2009

Day camp 2009 video

We had a team from MCC, a church in Ohio, come join us for day camp this past July. They were awesome! One of the guys made up this video to share with their church and sent it to me as well.

MCC Canada Missions Trip Recap Video from Miamisburg Christian Church on Vimeo.

I miss them.

Crazy that you can miss a group of people that you've only spent a week with. Granted, it was an intense week of full days but it was still only a week. They have become friends, family even. I was reminded again of the power of the community of God's people and the shared bond we have as brothers and sisters in Christ. It doesn't matter that we are from different countries or have entirely different backgrounds. When followers of Jesus get together, there is a shared experience, a starting point, that builds a firm foundation to our relationships. Not to mention that we had a common goal, a common purpose, that we were working towards. It takes an army of passionate people to pull together a camp like that and I figure that 5 days, 8 am to 5 pm, laughing, crying, running, playing and herding children all day is bound to force you to work together.

It was a privilege to work together. It is right. It is good. It is what the church is about.

I am thankful for friends in Ohio. I hope they come back next year!

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