Monday, December 29, 2008


Season 7 of 24 is coming and I'm getting excited about it. I just finished watching the Redemption episode (if you're a 24 fan and planning on watching Season 7, I recommend you watching this first. Really). Anyway, I was poking around the official website (yes, I am that big of a geek) when I found this:

24 Reasons Jack Bauer Rules...

1. Jack makes carrying a purse masculine.
2. He gets perfect cell phone reception, regardless of his location. 3. He's tough enough to withstand torture, but isn't ashamed to cry. 4. He gave Cheng the silent treatment for 2 years. 5. Jack can fly a plane and a helicopter. 6. Jack doesn't care what other people think of him. 7. Jack Bauer is always right. 8. He got Erin Driscoll to listen to him eventually. 9. He pulled the trigger on Chase. Talk about dedication to his work. 10. Despite suffering from Herion withdrawl, he was able to break Ramon Salazaar out of prison. 11. He broke Ramon out of prison in less than an hour. It took Michael Scofield a whole season to break out of Fox River. 12. Hacksaw. 13. He doesn't always listen to orders, because he knows he's right. 14. Jack hurt that annoying scumbag Joe Prado. 15. He killed the whole Drazen gang by himself. 16. He figured out to look up presumed dead people in order to find Saunders. 17. He can hold his breath forever. 18. His magic hoodie is very impressive. 19. Straight men have crushes on him. 20. He can kill people without using his hands or legs. 21. He asked for forgiveness before killing Chapelle. 22. He's "died" twice and yet seems to be in great health. 23. He trusted George to take the plane down. 24. Despite saving millions of people over and over again, has never asked for a thank you!*

Way to go, Jack!

*If you knew what even half of them are talking about, I'd say you're just as big a geek as I am ;)


christopher said...

Yes, Jack is great, but...
* In most cases, Jack Bauer needs a gun or a weapon to inflict pain upon his enemy. Meanwhile, Chuck Norris needs only his left and right legs to incapacitate his enemy with lethal roundhouse kicks. In short, Chuck Norris doesn't cheat by using a gun.

* At the end of season one, Jack Bauer cried after his wife was killed. On the other hand, Chuck Norris' tears cure cancer. Too bad Chuck never cries.

* Jack Bauer is/was the premier agent in the government anti-terrorist agency simply known as "CTU." Let's not forget that long before "CTU", Chuck Norris was the leader of a more powerful government agency known as "Delta Force." They even made a movie out of it.

* Jack bauer fights to preserve democracy in the United States, when in reality, we are all living in a "Chucktatorship."

* Long before Jack Bauer had "24 The Videogame" on Playstation, Chuck Norris gave us "Superkicks" on Atari.

* Jack Bauer thrives on network television as the star of Fox's "24." Meanwhile, Chuck Norris is suing the NBC network, rightfully claiming that "Law & Order" are the trademarked names for his left and right legs.

From a Chuck Norris vs. Jack Baur site. :)

Stacey Sparshu said...

Chris, You win. It's official. You're a bigger geek than I. :)

Stacey Sparshu said...
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christopher said...

It's only because the whole Chuck Norris phenomenon amazes me, and I was sure there'd be something about him kicking Jack Bauer's butt. ;)