Saturday, September 29, 2007

Gridblog is back

So thanks to John, the gridblog has returned. For those of you wondering what the heck I'm talking about, I'll steal John's definition of the beast. "A Grid Blog is where we all write on the same topic with the same deadline." So here we go. This topic is what is the best book you've read in the last year (and I think there was a "why" in there but sometimes I just can't tell you why) and the deadline is this week. There you have it. So, if you have a blog, write about it there. If not, I give you the freedom to a) start one now 'cause we won't stop with just one topic or b)post your favorites as comments on mine. I'll let you piggy back if you must.

Okay, here goes. My favorite books of the year.


Okay, let me start with Harry Potter. Yes, I've been LOVING Harry Potter. In fact, this summer I pushed through a little bit so that I could be caught up in time to see Order of the Phoenix in theatre, which meant I had to read Goblet of Fire (my absolute favorite of the far) and Order of the Phoenix and see all the movies that came before. I dove into Rowling's creative world of magic and intrigue and found myself wishing to be a kid again, free to explore and find adventures in kind with Harry, Harmione and Ron. Truthfully, I kindof want to play Quidditch too. That would be cool.

Now for all out there who are appalled at my reading choice, don't worry. I've not given up my faith or walked away from Jesus. I believe that Christians can ready Harry Potter (gasp!) although I'm okay if you disagree. Here's what I love: the creativity, the conversation, the narrative that sweeps you into a whole new world, the realities of the struggle of coming of age while being different (I sympathize, Harry!), the belief portrayed that one can make a difference, the adventure and the intensity of the battle between good and evil. I think it's this last one that endears me to it the most. As much as Potter's battle is fiction, it is very much the reality that we are living in: good vs evil, light vs darkness, in a battle that is often played in realities beyond what we see in flesh and blood and often ignored by those around us. So there you go. Harry Potter makes the list.

If you like those, try Inkheart and Inkspell on for size. My cousin recommended them to me and they were exactly what I needed. And Artemis Fowl. They're fun too. I love kids' books!

French Women Don't Get Fat. For anyone who is rethinking our cultural ideals, especially around food, it's a great read. What does it mean to truly enjoy what's around us? To be satisfied? I think the French might be on to something!

Two that have to go togther are The Dip (Seth Godin) and Holy Discontent (Bill Hybels). I think they've found a place in my heart and mind more because of timing than anything else. As I was thinking and praying through my own holy discontent at work, these two came my way and helped me really think through who I am and what I want to do with that. Both gifts. Thank you.

An incredible journey through the meaning of sabbath came from Mark Buchanan as I read The Rest of God. I love Buchanan and have read everything he's written so I feel like I can say with some sort of authority that I think this is one of the best he's written. Plus, I just don't think we teach well about the sabbath anymore let alone live it well. I want to try.

I don't know where to stop. That's going to be my problem. I love to read. It's like each book becomes a friend. Sounds so cheesy, hey!? Oh well. Let me just list a few more:

Jim and Casper go to Church (Henderson)
Children of Hurin (Tolkien)
SexGod (Bell)
The Five People You Meet In Heaven (Albom)
Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night (Haddon)
Truckers and Diggers (Terry Pratchett)

Okay, the list could go on...I didn't even add guys like Willard and McManus...just be glad I'm not giving you the list of what I want to read!!!

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